RV switch controls

  • RV switch controls
RV switch controls

4 sets of plastic panel switch, on-off rocker switch
Suitable for yacht, yacht, cockpit, suitable for all 12/24v battery car installation and use, used for integrated control of the ship's coffee, bar, charger and other equipment switch.

Maximum continuous load: AC 125V/10A,2V/20A,24V/10A

Maximum load and time of the product: DC 12V /23A 24V 11.5a 5 seconds/time for 30 consecutive times

Minimum current load: the minimum current load can be up to (0).

Product DC voltage: 3 ~ 30V

Product life cycle load: 10000 ~ 20000 times

Overload protector: 5A*2, 10A*1

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